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With 14 years of criminal litigation experience, Andrea Brown brings everything to the table



With specialized training and experience in Rape, Forcible Sodomy and Sexual Battery cases, Andrea Brown is undeniably the only choice. She has an unbelievable record of Not Guilty verdicts in sex crimes jury trials.



When the State files a Petition to Adjudicate your child as Deprived, or tries to Terminate your Parental Rights, contact Andrea Brown.

Fight the Adjudication or work an Individualized Service Plan to get your kids back!



Cases involving Child Abuse by Injury, Child Neglect, Child Sexual Abuse and Lewd Molestation require years of experience, a familiarity with the players, process and terminology, and an expert like Andrea Brown in your corner 



You cannot fight Domestic Assault & Battery by Strangulation or Domestic Assault & Battery 2nd or Subsequent Offense charges alone, and Andrea Brown has been doing these cases for well over a decade



No one in the state of Oklahoma has the experience in Child Sexual Abuse, Lewd or Indecent Proposal to a Minor, and Lewd Molestation cases that Andrea Brown does. No one.



You need a FIGHTER! Andrea Brown is a WARRIOR in the courtroom!

You need an experienced litigator fighting for you from the very beginning of the investigation.  Sometimes criminal charges can be avoided altogether.  You need a plan and intervention on your behalf from the word go!  If you are already facing charges, those charges can be dismissed, amended or reduced to lesser charges.  But you need someone who understands how the system works from the inside out.  You need someone who is as comfortable in the courtroom as in their own home, who has spent time with the judges, the prosecutors and the court's staff.  Someone who will explain and explore all of your options, advise you what is in your best interest and then allow you to make the important decisions.  You NEED Andrea Brown.

For more than a decade, Andrea Brown has been handling Rape, Robbery, Domestic Assault and Battery, Child Sexual Abuse, Lewd Molestation, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, and Drug Trafficking and Distribution cases. These charges require specialized expertise.  You need to hire -- not just a good lawyer -- but a GREAT lawyer and you need to do it before it's too late!  Whether you are new to the criminal justice system or have already been convicted of a felony, these cases carry serious consequences.   Andrea Brown has had enormous success defending a multitude of felony charges across Oklahoma.

Whether you are facing prison time or your first time as an accused in a courtroom, you need help.  You need someone on your side you can trust.  If your spouse, your son or daughter, your brother or sister or YOU are being investigated or facing criminal charges, your life and future are on the line. 

Andrea Brown was born and raised in Tulsa.  Her family has deep roots in Tulsa, and her family has a long history in law.  Andrea Brown was raised believing in the value of hard work and persistence.  She graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Southern Methodist University with Honors and Distinction in Literature and Business.  After college she stayed in Dallas at SMU for law school, graduating in 2006 with her Juris Doctor. 


Andrea Brown served as an Assistant District Attorney from 2007 until 2018.  Originally specializing in Intimate Partner Violence cases, Andrea honed her skills in the trenches working on Drug/Gang cases, Robberies and she later focused her practice on Sex Crimes and cases involving allegations of Crimes Against Children.

Andrea Brown is a mother of two.  She married the love of her life on St. Patrick’s Day so they could celebrate their union in a fantastic way.  She has a Bernese Mountain Dog and two Boxers.  When she is not working, she is reading or listening to music.  Andrea says, “Music can immediately change your mood.” She insists music has even saved lives.

 After 12 years in government service, Andrea joined the Berlin Law Firm with a wealth of experience in criminal, domestic and child cases.  Andrea Brown was regularly one of the top trial attorneys in the entire office, and was recognized in 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017 as "Top Gun" for trying the most felony jury trials.  In 2018, Andrea won the award given to the attorney chosen by her peers as representing the best qualities of a trial attorney.  In 2019, Andrea won Employee of the Month at her firm. 


After over a decade of public service and with nearly 100 jury trials under her belt, Andrea Brown chose to leave the District Attorney's Office to commit her experience, diligence, and skills to providing accused citizens the best possible criminal defense. Now working at the criminal defense firm Swab, Stall, Horton & Fu, Andrea Brown has been repeatedly recognized as being one of the toughest and most hard working attorneys at the courthouse.






Tel: 918-625-1098




2021 South Lewis Avenue, Suite 520, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

Tel:  (918) 625-1098

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